Posing isn't limited to telling people how to stand. At least, it shouldn't be. At Foster you will take part in two live shoots as we discuss posing, directing, and interacting with your subject in a way that creates natural and emotionally rich images. Not only will we find flattering angles and positions, we will also learn how to create scenes that are full of life through the direction we give. Of course, you are encouraged to bring your camera along, you will be shooting also!


Editing is a beast that needs to be tamed. We all know it and we have all struggled with it. It can be far too easy to feel lost in your workflow but gone are the days of bouncing back and forth between different looks, not knowing what to do next, and spending mind-numbingly long hours in front of your computer. This session will help you hone in on your signature style, create consistency in your work, and develop a streamlined workflow. Consider the beast tamed.


Magazines, blogs, or your momma's fridge. We will tell you what you need to be shooting, how you need to shoot it, and how submit your work to get your images out there. It isn't as simple as sending them in (especially if you you don't have any previous publications) but it might be easier than you think to get your foot in the door. In this session we will go talk about what different publications look for and what to include in a submission to better your chances.


Everything starts with trust. From the very first email we receive, all the way through to delivering our images. Putting systems in place to keep your clients comfortable, happy, and well informed means that your job will be easier and your images will be better. At Foster, we will discuss how to gain your client's trust, how to start off a shoot on the right foot, how to calm their pre-shoot nerves, and how to use your killer costumer service to guarantee valuable word of mouth referrals.


"How do I develop my photographic style and build a brand that brings in the right clients?" Not only is this one of the most frequent questions that I am asked, I think it is absolutely one of the most important. Having that well developed style and brand will create trust in your clients and confidence in your work, two things that are crucial to your success. Spoiler alert: It wont happen over night but this session will leave you with steps to follow to create the style and brand that are best for you.


Learn how to take awesome selfies and stupendous pictures of your lunch. Just kidding. Instead, let's learn how to build an audience who is truly invested in your work. This session will teach you to foster interaction on your page, post content that engages your followers, build buzz about your work, and how to be more active on Facebook with less effort. We will also talk about when to post certian things and how to guarantee that your work gets seen my more people. #Awesome