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Oh hey there! Welcome to something I believe in. Education is something that I pour my heart into. I consider teaching a huge responsibility and I am honored that you are considering coming to Foster!

Come join us in a mountain cabin just North of Los Angeles for a full day of hands-on and in-depth education.

During the morning and afternoon we will put on live shoots as we lead you through posing, directing, using natural light and creating beautifully natural images. And yes, you will be shooting as well!

In between and after our live shoots we will be leading sessions to discuss some of the most important aspects of what we do including Editing and Workflow, Style and Brand, Social Media, Client Interaction, and more.

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to teach fellow photographers through classes, mentor sessions, guest writing for magazines and speaking. One of the most important things that I have learned is the value of being an open book. Faliures, sucesses, and even my shooting and editing "secrets." Putting it out in the open fosters progression in the photo community and that is what teaching is all about. Foster is a workshop for photographers who want to push their work forward and be a part of a community who encourages progression.

Come join us for a day full of awesome!